A Career in Medical Consulting

The role of a medical consultant is varied, spanning a wide range of industries. For example, a consultant might be hired to help a Canadian insulin pump maker enter the US market. He might also be hired to advise a pharmaceutical company on preclinical and clinical research and development. Consultants are also needed to help pharma companies develop effective communication […]

Important Details of Traffic Accident Agreements

A Traffic Accident Agreement is a written document signed by the parties involved in a traffic accident. It usually includes mutual confirmation that no personal injury occurred and an agreement to pay damages. The document must specify the details of the accident and the names of the parties involved. Here are the important details of a Traffic Accident Agreement. You […]

Why You Need an Inheritance Lawyer

An inheritance lawyer is a professional who handles disputes among heirs. An inheritance lawyer will help you formalize your succession by dividing your property between your heirs and resolving any disputed aspects in court. He can also help you protect minors’ rights and support your inheritance of property in foreign countries. He is a valuable investment in your family’s future. […]

How to Advance Your Career As a Criminal Lawyer

In addition to a Bachelor of Laws degree, becoming a criminal lawyer requires several years of legal education. In addition, candidates must earn board certification from the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification, a nonprofit organization accredited by the American Bar Association. Criminal lawyers must have superior oral and written advocacy skills, as well as strong research, investigative, and analytical […]

How to Proceed With Divorce Proceedings

If you’ve been served with a divorce petition and the other party has yet to respond, you have two options. You can serve the divorce petition without service or dispense with service. In either case, you need to submit the answer to the divorce petition within 21 days of the date of acknowledgement of service. Whether you use an online […]

How to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Before hiring a divorce attorney, you should understand how this legal professional will approach your case. While some lawyers offer free consultations, it is best to plan for the meetings. Meeting with an attorney will allow you to discuss your expectations and your goals, and find out how he or she will handle the various issues involved. Make sure you […]